Property Developers

Property Development and Investment with Boultbee Brooks

Boultbee Brooks Real Estate is a successful and continuously growing and evolving property development company with an impressive portfolio of developments that have achieved high rates of returns. No project is too large and we delve into any profitable property development and Investment project in all markets including mixed use, residential industrial, retail and other property sectors that may be available.

The commercial properties we develop, range from high profile retail outlets and large scale industrial units across all major cities and towns, through to modern day office complexes and unequivocally desirable and riverside deluxe residential units based in prominent business locations based in major UK cities such as London, Manchester, Nottingham and Birmingham.

We also operate as property investors, seeking out new and exciting investment opportunities which focus on maximum returns and financial benefits for investment partners that outperform markets. Boultbee Brooks Real Estate always strive to acquire a diverse cross section of commercial properties worth millions of pounds in up and coming business development areas including Leeds, Harrogate and Reading.

At BBRE, we are attuned to the market and have constant communication with agents across all sectors, working steadily to fine tune and hone in on building requirements and office space for potential clients and investors alike.

We always strive to achieve maximum success with incredible economic benefits whilst ensuring that we respect the integrity of the building and area we are developing.
In addition to developing and investing in unique commercial property opportunities throughout the UK, we are also able to locate and extensively research and develop financially viable projects in emerging European towns and cities, either as singular property developers and investors, or with joint ventures partners whereby full use of a partners and overseas investors brings about unmatched returns on initial outlay.

BBRE has an annual turnover worth millions but more importantly has a diverse range of tenants and business partners who are always satisfied whilst being constantly reassured that their changing needs will be met without question, Boultbee Brooks Real Estate is a name you can depend on, whatever the project and whatever the cost. Our unrivalled knowledge and swift yet responsible decisiveness ensures every commercial property development we participate in, provides an outstanding increase in capital appreciation with unparalleled economic growth potential.

If you are an investor looking for a real estate venture in the South East, in a prime location such as London or Reading who has a keen eye for high rate of investment returns along with property development with integrity team then don’t hesitate to get in touch with our development team at Boultbee Brooks Real Estate. Or perhaps you are looking for an experienced and knowledgeable property developer in the Midlands area such as Nottingham or Birmingham, or you need a commercial property investor for a Northern project based in a city or a town such as Leeds or Harrogate, let BBRE take care of all of your commercial property development and investment needs on your behalf.