We put people, businesses, and relationships first.
We embed sustainability at the earliest stage of all our projects.
We believe in the transition to a circular economy.
We act responsibly at all times.
We are not afraid to try new things and take a different path.

We don’t greenwash, we walk the talk…
–  90% of our projects involve the renovation and recycling of existing buildings and materials, which significantly reduces embodied carbon and raw material usage.
– Our buildings achieve high BREEAM scores and EPC A-B. 
– We reduce lettable areas in our development schemes to include gyms, coffee bars, social hubs and facilities that encourage and promote green travel and the wellness of building occupiers.

We are committed to additionality and our actions & investments are driving change in a meaningful way. We are developing 1700 acre/400MW (and growing) of UK solar farms that will power the equivalent of 135,000 homes and save 90,000 tonnes of CO2 each year.

We still have a lot to learn in this space but we’re 100% focused on year-on-year improvement. We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of corporate governance, delivered in a transparent and approachable manner. Employee well-being and work-life balance are cornerstones of our business.

We are a Regulated by RICS company.