Boultbee Brooks invest in startups and existing businesses that complement the real estate and renewable energy sectors of the organisation. If you have a proposition that you believe could be a good fit, please get in touch.

A venture between Boultbee Brooks and Infraland, an infrastructure development company focusing on low-carbon technology. After previously partnering together on several renewables projects in the UK, we are now bringing our collective experience, pioneering spirit, and shared vision for the future of renewables, together as Infrabee.

Powersync Technologies works in parallel with real estate partners in the UK to manage energy assets including solar, wind and other energy generation, via battery storage. Connecting distributed energy resources to electricity markets allows them to deliver flexible loads which are less expensive, more reliable, and more sustainable.

SUB1 designs and commissions state of the art data centres, quickly and cost-effectively, for single tenant occupancy. Boultbee Brooks partners with SUB1 on developments globally. The joint venture has a range of projects, varying in size and stage, and we are actively seeking new opportunities.